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favorite-posts3Welcome to my worship blog!

I know how it feels to find yourself at a new site – trying to figure out if it’s a place you’d like to hang out. So here’s a little help.

If you haven’t checked out the About Pam and this blog! page, do that first. But if you’re just looking for some encouraging, challenging, or energizing thoughts about biblical worship, here are some good places to start. (By the way, when I say “favorite,” that means these were probably posts that God did the most work in me while writing them.)

Enjoy! (And I’d love your feedback!)


  The Wonder of God’s Breath in You!breathing3


o-LEADER-facebook5 ways you can influence the worship life of your church
– even if you’re not a musician!

  Why the Church Still Needs NEW Songsshutterstock_124863991.1


  10 Ways to Infuse Worship into Your Routinephoto.1427348693976.99e4aca06bb9.000 


  Is the God I say I worship on Sunday my everyday God?maxresdefault 


  Why True Worship Requires Your Surrendered HeartWhite-Flag-1 


  How “But God” Worship Changes Everythingkneeling-in-prayer-home-resized 


man-on-knees-praising-god-1508609  14 Lies That Will Sabotage Your Worship Life


  Expecting God to be God in Worship!sky_gazing_by_akreon   


  Does your focus get stuck here on your way to worship?telescope-zoom


  4 Reasons My Obedience In Worship Matterslightstock_3877_xsmall_pam_(1)   


facedown-2  What If Worship Is Just A Big Struggle?


  7 Reasons I Won’t Stop Journaling (this time)10692702_m


  What We Miss When We Don’t “Stop”photo-1429152937938-07b5f2828cdd


church-worshipThe Unswerving Call to be a Worshiping Church – 8 Insights from Psalm 95


I really enjoyed working on this series of posts on biblical worshipers, and learned a lot in the process:

  10 ways to worship with a heart like David’sIA76WO3XF2


Learning from the grace-fueled worship of PaulArms-Raised


The power of bowed-down, battle-bracing worship – King Jehoshaphatall-hands-up


Mary_Anointing_Jesus__feetGrasping the lavish, feet-seeking worship of Mary the Idols in Your Life – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego


5dayworchaltitle3  Also, if you’re looking for ideas to encourage your daily times of personal worship, come see what the 5-Day Worship Challenge is all about!


Thanks seeking God with me! I’m honored that you stopped by.


Please feel free to ask questions or just let me know you’re here!