EditorsPick_2014editorspick2WORSHIP LEADER MAGAZINE awarded Worship and the Word as a “Best of 2014” book. (Nov./Dec. 2014 issue)

DAN WEBSTER, Founder – Authentic Leadership, Inc. – August 21, 2013
Worship and the Word
is an awesome study that oozes with rock solid theology and incredibly practical application. It will challenge you to your core. It will move you from singing songs of the faith to seeking, seeing, knowing and lifting personally the God of the faith. The insights, studies and questions have the power to move your heart and mind to authentic worship. Pam is a veteran worshiper whose life radiates the truth of this study. Engage the principles Pam shares and you will offer God purer personal worship.

RORY NOLAND, Director – Heart of the Artist Ministries – August 13, 2013
Pamela Haddix has written a thorough study that’s guaranteed to deepen your passion for worship. If you’re looking for a book to go through with your small group or worship team, be sure to check out Worship and the Word.


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DWIGHT HUNT – July 21, 2014 (from
I work with churches, pastors, and some worship pastors as a consultant, coach, and church health specialist. One of the crucial areas if not the most important area is developing a working definition of worship and showing how that “fleshes itself out” through the Scripture. Pamela Haddix effectively accomplishes these goals in her book–Worship and the Word. For this reason I have recommended and will continue to recommend this study/work book to pastors, worship pastors, leaders, and individuals in churches.

The Bible assumes what is healthy grows and reproduces. Biblical worship as Haddix defines it–our response to all God is and does–enhances this growth process. Her study also points out a principle that is often missed in studies on this subject: worship doesn’t only include music. It can be viewed more broadly to involve all we do as believers. It’s really a matter of life and breath.

In the the first chapter, Haddix’s brief study of the Hebrew and Greek words (verbs) used for worship is very beneficial. She communicates clearly and practically the sense of each word and how each each adds to the overall meaning of worship. Moreover, every chapter in the book is presented in a well-organized manner and includes a discussion backed by several appropriate Scripture references. Each chapter concludes with life-application exercises for reader or group interaction.

As a pastor and consultant to pastors and ministry leaders I highly recommend this book to be used in different venues.

JON CURTIS – May 1, 2014 (from
I led a small group through this study and it blessed everyone involved. The questions at the end of each session provided opportunities for dialogue. This study is easy to use and adapt to any level of worshipper. You can tell the author is speaking from a place of experience and encounter. She isn’t just suggesting what could be or referencing what others have experienced, she is using her personal life. She provides examples in the Word. This is a well-rounded study perfect for discipleship and/or small groups. I’ve recommended this study to our worship pastor and worship teams. Highly recommend!! You won’t regret it!

MARILYN HUNT – January 24, 2014 (from
I greatly enjoyed Pamela Haddix’s book for many reasons but one that stands out is that it is a glimpse into her own joyful personal walk with God. She uses illustrations from her own journey in private and corporate worship. She develops a very comprehensive study which systematically teaches Hebrew and Greek words for worship and names of God. My vision of worship has increased as a result. I recommend this book as a personal Bible Study for the average church attender, or for a small group study, or for those who are involved in leading worship.

CHRIS REED – January 18, 2014 (from
I thoroughly enjoyed Worship and the Word. It is a well organized, thoroughly supported and spirit-filled journey to remind us why we are called to worship. While I’ve been passionate about worship for a long time, and on occasion even help lead worship for our church, I felt this was a great study to remind me of why worship is so powerful and vital to our lives.

And for those that think that this would only be good for “worship leaders”, I would challenge that. In fact, I think it is a great study for any group with questions or desires to understand worship better. I am planning on leading my small group, none of whom participate in leading worship, through this study and can’t wait to see how they respond to the truth in this book. It is very different from the studies that we normally choose and would never be a topic they would suggest, but I am confident it will impact all of them for a long time to come.

Thanks Pam for your great work on this book.

AMAZON CUSTOMERJanuary 15, 2014 (from
I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to draw closer to the Lord. This study leads you on a journey to discover what the Word of God says about worship. Although it discusses corporate worship as well, it really challenged me to reach for God’s best in my personal worship at home. I hadn’t realized that “… there are more Biblical examples of people worshiping God privately than there are of them worshiping as a body of believers.”

I love her way with words. “Don’t fear expressing yourself in new ways in your worship. Fear becoming detached, lifeless, or apathetic.” You will enjoy this book.

BRUCE TICHENOR – January 12, 2014 (from
Pam Haddix is spot on when it comes to providing Biblical background and support for what she has inspirationally created. Through Biblical examples and the Word of God, she challenges us to seek the Person of God (It’s not about us and what we want, but who He is), what our Position is in Him, our Purpose for worshiping Him, about His Presence and Power and where our Place and Posture should be toward Him.

For those of us who have become lukewarm, have forgotten God’s awesome omniscience or how to discover who God is, Haddix has wonderfully prepared both the Truth of Scripture and chapter ending challenges to engage our hearts toward a life changing journey. Her appendix that lists the names, titles and descriptions of God including an Endnotes section that identifies additional author resources provides an outstanding and complete study of God and how we are to worship Him.

In what we’re seeing and experiencing in the world today with all its chaos and uncertainties, this excellent worship resource and study of who God really is and how we can respond with reverence and awe to Him in prayerful conversation (He will never leave us or forsake us) is a must for churches, Bible study groups, schools and individuals today–right Now!

ALLAN STERNBERG – January 4, 2014 (from
This book is so thoughtfully and prayerfully written that it will cause you to reflect upon our Awesome God and how you and I interact with Him.
I am only through the first 4 chapters but strongly recommend this book to everyone.
I can’t wait to see what is coming next!

REED NAVIS – December 10, 2013 (from
This book was well written and great for personal devotions or used as a study guide. Worship is more then just attending a church service . The points and scripture reference in this book has opened a new way for me to approach my Lord in worship. I find myself spending more heartfelt time in worship not only by myself but with my wife. My wife and I both use this book as a tool during our daily devotions.
If you want to have that one on one with the Lord this book will get you there.

LUANNE – December 10, 2013 (from
I had the express privilege to be a part of a Bible study taught by the author herself a few short months before the book was published. This book brought new meaning to “worship” for me. Haddix extensively searched the scriptures to find how the people in the Bible worshipped and what God expects from us in worship. We sang together, prayed together, were silent together, listened together and worshipped!! What a blessing! You can read this book alone or read it with a group, but READ IT!! You will be blessed, too.

ANNA SCHEERHORN – December 9, 2013 (
This is one of those studies that is so unforgettable it will change your life. Haddix takes her readers deeper into a personal relationship with God by exploring the multitude of ways we can express our love for our Lord. Whether it be singing exuberantly or spending time in quiet reflection, Haddix’s wise insight clears the way for a more vibrant and meaningful connection with God. Worship and the Word also reveals how those in the bible expressed their joy in God. It is more than just a compelling study; it provides a key to understanding a side of the Christian story that is essential to a healthy relationship with Christ. Worship!

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