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Hi, I’m Pamela (ok, call me Pam), and whoever you are and wherever you are (in life or location), I’m glad you’re here! Hopefully this page will help you find out if what I offer here is what you’re looking for.

I’m an author, teacher, and blogger on what the Bible teaches us about worship. My passion is helping believers in Christ move beyond mere Sunday tradition and the typical struggles to authentic worship. I long for people to experience worship intimacy with their God and uncover the inexhaustible resource of purpose, power, and transformation that God reserves for His true worshipers.

Chances are if you’re perusing this worship site, you fall into one of 5 categories:

~ Your relationship with God is fairly new, and you’re curious what worship is all about.

~ You’ve been distant from God lately, and know worshiping Him hasn’t been a part of your life.

~ You love God, but think there must be more to worship than your usual Sunday morning routine.

~ You enjoy worshiping God sometimes – but frankly, you always seem to be fighting against distractions or relentless apathy.

~ Worshiping your God is one of your greatest joys, and you want to learn as much as you can about what the Bible teaches about His plan for you as a worshiper.

The good news is that if you fall into any of those categories, or anywhere in-between, this blog is for you!

And on top of that? I’ve been there. In all of those places. And I remember each one clearly. Because every Christian is on a journey somewhere between having a brand new relationship with God (so with lots of unknowns) to having a vibrant, intimate relationship and worship life with our Savior – with ups and downs in-between. And that’s not only normal, it’s ok!

I began my search to better understand what the Bible teaches about worship after I had been a Christian for over 20 years – with close to that in full-time ministry. (That story here!) And I was so blown away by how much I didn’t know, I couldn’t help but write a book, Worship and the Word. (A big deal for the staunch non-writer I was!) It was just that life-changing!

Then I started this blog so others could also learn and grow in their understanding of what the Bible teaches us about worship. (And frankly, so I’d have a place that would keep me accountable to keep learning and growing in my own worship life!)

So the goal is to move forward in the pursuit of God – knowing and loving Him – and in the greater depths of our worship of Him.

He doesn’t want us to settle for distant, disconnected, occasional, or routine worship. But He wants us to keep passionately pursuing intimacy with Him in our worship until we arrive at the ultimate worship service of them all!

So I’m still learning, growing, and striving (and yes, struggling) right along with you. My posts are as much for me as anyone else. They come out of what God is still revealing to me through His word.

So what can you expect here?

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.12.53 AMYou can expect a monthly post that digs into His word to discover more of His purposes for worship – how to grow in worship intimacy, how to fight the typical worship battles, what to expect, what our part is, what God’s part is, how God responds to our worship, what we can learn from biblical worshipers, and so much more!

The very best way to not miss out on what’s going on here is to subscribe to this blog. I never spam – it’s just worship talk!

Plus if you subscribe to my blog, you get my free eBook, 4 Keys to Intimate Cover-spacingfixnonboldsmallbookSunday Morning Worship. I know from personal experience the very real struggle that Sunday morning worship can be. Right? And I’ve learned what the Bible teaches us about fighting and winning that battle! I’ve come up with four foundational keys that, if followed, can lift you out of that Sunday morning fog (or pit!) to expecting worship intimacy with the God who deserves all we could possibly offer Him!

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So what do others think about Worship and the Word?

Good question. I’ve been so incredibly blessed and humbled by the encouragement and endorsement of others:

EditorsPick_2014 WORSHIP LEADER MAGAZINE awarded Worship and the Word with a “Best of 2014” book. (Nov./Dec. 2014 issue) They even offered the eBook of it for free to all 20,000 of their subscribers calling it “the perfect study to help both your worship team and church body deeply explore and intimately grasp what the Bible teaches about God’s life-changing call for us to be His authentic and passionate worshipers.” What an honor!

DAN WEBSTER, Founder – Authentic Leadership, Inc. – August 21, 2013 editorspick2
Worship and the Word is an awesome study that oozes with rock solid theology and incredibly practical application. It will challenge you to your core. It will move you from singing songs of the faith to seeking, seeing, knowing and lifting personally the God of the faith. The insights, studies and questions have the power to move your heart and mind to authentic worship. Pam is a veteran worshiper whose life radiates the truth of this study. Engage the principles Pam shares and you will offer God purer personal worship.

To learn more about Worship and the Word go here! And feel free to check out more reviews from a wide range of readers here.

Thinking about leading a group through Worship and the Word? I love digging into God’s Word with others to discover all God has for us about worship there. And as a leader, you’ll find find all kinds of help on this site under W&W Tools – such as leader tips and song ideas for each lesson.

But who am I?

298547_10151448155415924_2024267090_nI’m a southerner living in the midwest. Home has been the Holland/Grand Rapids, MI area for quite a while, but I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee – with 19 years in Indianapolis in-between. (I call a lot of places home.) After graduating from University of Tennessee with a music degree in flute performance (minor in voice), I went on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, Int’l/Cru for 10 years, traveling with a band around the country/world using music as a tool to reach people for Christ.

Early in that awesome time of my life, I met my wonderful, gifted husband, John, (also a musician in ministry with me) and had two amazing daughters, Lindsy and Krista.

Post CCC/Cru, John and I were involved in two church plants where John was the worship director (with me, the sometimes-official/sometimes-not-official faithful assistant). And we are now on staff with Artists in Christian Testimony, Int’l (A.C.T.) where my ministry revolves around writing, teaching, and blogging on worship. I also love giving flute lessons to young flautists of all stages. [NOTE: With all of this music talk here, I want to make sure you know that my book is NOT about music at all – but just worship. Really. Ok, maybe 1%.]

Speaking of, Worship and the Word is my first book. And I can’t promise it’s my last, since I’ve learned that my God is definitely full of surprises! So if He fills me up with something else that needs to be poured out, I’ll do it again! (That may be a hint . . . 😉 )

John and I are blessed beyond words with 2  beautiful-inside-and-out daughters, 2 incredible sons-in-law, and 7 precious grandchildren! Lindsy and Jordan have 3 young, energetic, heart-stealing sons (with the 3rd adopted from China in 2015), and a very doted-over baby girl. Krista and Ben (missionaries to the deaf in Jamaica) blessed us with beyond adorable twins  (daughter and son) in 2015, and now another adorable baby boy! Very hard to contain all of the love and excitement with all of our recent additions! 🙂

More details? I have 2 cats (yes, they’re odd), love the west coast of Michigan in the summer (dislike Michigan winters), and am known for laughing until I cry. I’m no longer in my beloved Tennessee <sigh>, but between family, friends, and Tennessee football/basketball, my blood still runs orange. (If you don’t understand that, it’s totally ok!)

Speaking of – if you question whether or not we were created to be worshipers, just go to a football game – or observe fans at a concert of their favorite artist. Everyone worships someone or something. Everyone. But who really deserves our worship? Who is worthy of that deepest devotion and outpouring of our hearts? How does that happen? What does it look like? God’s word reveals all that we need to know – and it can change your life like it did mine. So I’m glad you’ve found my blog! Come back often (better yet, subscribe!) and bring others along!

If you want even more personal details, read my full bio here!

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