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By on February 8, 2016

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  <sound of me kicking myself>

It’s important to choose the right Bible study for yourself or your group. It’s a big investment of your time, attention, money, and heart. Plus everyone brings a different set of needs and desires.

On top of that, there are so many unknowns when you haven’t seen a study or know someone who’s gone through it before. Right?

editorspick2So to make it easier to see if Worship and the Word might fit your needs, you can now download three free sample lessons so you can see exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.

Why three? Because Lesson 1 lays the foundation to set up the rest of the study – thus the name, “Prelude to a Journey”. Lesson 2 looks at the profiles of some of my favorite biblical worshipers, and Lesson 3 kicks off the first of eight facets of worship that I distinguished on my own worship journey – beginning with my favorite, “The Person We Worship”. (You’ll see the whole list of facets in the book’s table of contents.)

I’m trying to remove the unknowns – with no time limits, obligations, or catches. This sampler isn’t going away. Plus, it’s my prayer that these three lessons will give God the room to stir the hearts of those He wants to dig deeper to more fully grasp biblical worship. If you’re like me, He’ll quickly blow you away!

Sound like a freebie you’re up for?

Then CLICK HERE to download the sample PDF lessons of Worship and the Word.

Also, do me a favor and share this with others you think might want to dig into the Bible to study worship. And feel free to ask me any questions using the comment section below.

Thanks pursuing God with me!


P.S. – Want to know more first? No problem! Go here to learn more about Worship and the Word: 

And group leaders? You can find Worship and the Word leader tips” and “Worship and the Word worship songs for lessons” on my website. (Use those links or navigate the dropdown menu under “W&W Tools” in the upper toolbar in the future.)


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