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Why life’s defeats can’t stop our victory!

By on July 26, 2015

Our hearts have been heavy a lot lately – haven’t they. Between world events and things close to home it’s so easy to let our hope give way to fear – or even defeat. Thankfully, we know how the story

Are you ready to embrace “normal” worship?

By on July 19, 2015

My mom died too soon – and it rocked my world. A month or so later, my friend, Kevin (who happened to be a counselor), came up to me at church and asked how I was doing. I could tell

When You Need To Talk Yourself Into Worshiping

By on July 12, 2015

What we tell ourselves is important. Right? We all know the results of negative self-talk and how important it is to replace those thoughts with positive, encouraging words. That goes for our spiritual and worship life as well. David had

Struggle to worship? You may be thirsty!

By on July 5, 2015

Yesterday morning I was reading my Bible when Psalm 36 just leaped out at me. And it brought a renewed perspective to what started as a rough morning up to that point. There is so much we can learn from