Viewing: June, 2015

5 ways you can influence the worship life of your church – even if you’re not a musician!

By on June 28, 2015

Not a worship leader? That’s ok. Not even on the worship team? No problem. (Though this is for you worship team folks, too!) As someone in the “pew,” you have more influence in the worship life of your church than you

What do the hard places of life find in me?

By on June 21, 2015

This week we observed what happens when people who truly know and love their God are struck with horror beyond words. Something Satan meant for pure evil – that blasted a gaping hole in the very heart and soul of

Do I have a growing appetite to worship God?

By on June 10, 2015

Ok, I admit it. When I shop at Costco, I really struggle to not take a detour down the aisle that stocks barkTHINS®. As a matter of fact, most trips I don’t even fight it. Like today. The front of

Will I make the summer shift without neglecting my first love?

By on June 7, 2015

The first time we moved to the Holland, Michigan area during the summer of 1993, we quickly fell in love with the scenic coastline of beautiful Lake Michigan. Summers here are fabulous. And it seems everyone else agrees by the