“Give Me what you have.”

By on March 10, 2014

shutterstock_102691844That’s what Jesus said to the disciples who had just described their quite insignificant loaves and fish to Him. (Matthew 14:13-21) Just “give Me what you have.” We all know that popular Bible story and the incredible ending. But what’s our response when God says to us, “Give Me what you have – as inadequate as you think it is.”?  Do we focus on what we obviously don’t have (oh, the enemy’s voice is strong!) – or remember what we know He can do with it? (Even the disciples quickly forgot.)

I’ve fought that lie of not having or being enough for much of my life. I know what is required (or think I do), and trust me, I don’t have it. Not by a long shot. But my oh-so-patient heavenly Father keeps saying, “Just give it to Me anyway. Trust Me to work. Trust Me to accomplish what concerns you with what you have.” And the stories I could tell – of God receiving my meager offering (which He gave me to begin with) and then pouring out His grace and power to make it much more usable. The end result: more glory to Himself!

If worship is the “response of all that we are to all that God is and does” (Warren Wiersbe), then that offering of all we are includes a lot of seemingly insignificant gifts. Of spiritual gifts in 1Peter 4:11 it says, “by the strength that God supplies, so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.” That’s the result we should all desire: God’s strength → God’s glory.

Yes, it requires faith – and obedience. But what indescribable joy when He receives the quite meager offering and makes it, not only sufficient, but more than enough for His purposes – like the loaves and fish. It’s part of living a life of worship. “Just give Me what you have.”

What are your stories of struggle or victory when responding to God’s invitation to “just give Me what you have”?


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  1. Jon
    March 11, 2014

    Leaving a secure career in corporate America and heading to the mission field. All I said was “Yes!” to the call.. He provided the rest..

    • Pamela Haddix
      March 11, 2014

      Exactly! So many unknowns and so many potential inadequacies. And just look at your abundance now!:-)

  2. Randi
    March 11, 2014

    Deciding to trust God and live on one income when our family was young. So hard on my character and my weak faith but God has always come through. Trusting Him for more of His provision for my future!

    • Pamela Haddix
      March 11, 2014

      Thanks for sharing, Randi. Don’t you love how well He loves us! We can’t see the outcome that He has in store before we step out in faith and obedience, but know we can always trust in His faithfulness. I’m right there with you on trusting God for future provision!

  3. Sheila Sternberg
    March 11, 2014

    Think of how many people were blessed by that one little boy’s lunch! How many times have I hesitated to give of myself because I knew it wouldn’t be good enough? I guess we need to stop trying to figure everything out, and just give God what we have and let Him do the rest.

    • Pamela Haddix
      March 11, 2014

      It’s a pretty staggering thought – how many times I’ve hesitated or neglected to step out when I’ve heard Him ask me to trust Him with something. How many blessings have I missed out on – how many lives went untouched – how much have I limited God’s ability to work? Thanks for sharing!